What is teleaudiology? Is it different from telehealth?
What are some of the key findings from the consultation phase?
How and when should teleaudiology be used?
Will the Teleaudiology Guidelines duplicate elements of the existing Code of Conduct, Scope of Practice etc?
How do the draft guidelines address the delivery of hearing care across national borders?
What’s the difference between standards and guidelines?
I’d like to use teleaudiology to see my audiologist. Will I need to read the guidelines to know if this is appropriate for me?
How will the Guidelines be tested?
How long will the testing process take?
Can I get involved in the testing phase?
Is teleaudiology better or worse than in-person care?
Will teleaudiology replace in-person services?
Which services are suitable for teleaudiology?
Who is a suitable candidate to use teleaudiology to provide or receive hearing care services?
What is Audiology Australia’s position on teleaudiology?
Why are guidelines needed?
What will the guidelines cover?
What is the timeline?
Who’s involved?
Why are teleaudiology guidelines being developed now?