Phase 1 – 100% complete

Phase 1 involved two key activities:

  • developing the draft guidelines
  • seeking input and feedback on the draft.

The results:

  • individual hearing health care practitioners shared their diverse and practical experiences of teleaudiology to shape the initial draft
  • more than 100 hearing health care practitioners, consumers and providers (77% participation rate) at 10 focus groups provided invaluable feedback
  • written submissions from more than 30 organisations and individuals in Australia and overseas (50% response rate)
  • more than 1150 downloads of the guidelines on the project website

Phase 2 – 100% complete

In this phase of the project, we:

  • tested the revised draft guidelines with hearing health care practitioners
  • informed stakeholders of the purpose of testing and how to provide feedback
  • incorporated feedback from the testing process in the next version of the guidelines

Phase 3 – 100% complete

This phase will focus on:

  • promoting
  • implementing and
  • embedding the guidelines.