Audiology Australia is developing guidelines for hearing health care practitioners (Audiologists and Audiometrists) and hearing services providers to support the safe and effective delivery of hearing services through teleaudiology to all Australians. 

Funded by the Australian Government, the project responds to recommendations of the Hearing Health Roadmap (2019) and Parliamentary inquiries which suggested teleaudiology could improve access to hearing health services, regardless of location.

Consultation on draft guidelines continues.

To view a short report on consultation feedback , please click here.

Testing of the updated draft guidelines is underway.  For more information about the project and how to get involved, please  click here.

The Teleaudiology Guidelines Working Group

To support the project, a Working Group has been established to bring together experience and interest in teleaudiology with different perspectives on hearing care service delivery.  The group includes representatives of researchers, professional associations, consumer organisations and hearing services providers.

Dr Bec Bennett, Chair

Dr Bennett is Deputy Chair Audiology Australia Board, an Audiologist and Research Fellow.

Dr Barbra Timmer, Independent Researcher

Dr Timmer is Chair Audiology Australia Board, an Audiologist, Audiology Lecturer and Senior Scientist.

Dr David Allen, Independent Researcher

Dr Allen is a Senior Research Audiologist and an Honorary Research Fellow.

Frances Lockhart, Audiology Australia

Frances is an Audiologist and Clinical Coach with a large national hearing services provider.

Mark Paton, Australian College of Audiology (ACAud)

Mark is the Immediate Past President of the ACAud, a hearing clinician and hearing services provider.

Stephen Williamson, Deafness Forum of Australia

Steve is Chief Executive of the Deafness Forum and its representative on the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People and the World Hearing Forum.

Ian Rimes, Better Hearing Australia

Ian is a consumer representative.

Jane MacDonald, Hearing Business Alliance

Jane is Chief Executive of Hearing Business Alliance, an Audiologist and hearing services provider.

Ashley Wilson AM, Hearing Care Industry Association

Ashley is Chair of the Hearing Care Industry Association, Deputy Chair of the Hearing Health Sector Alliance, former President of the Hearing Aid Manufactures & Distributors Association and a senior executive at a large national hearing services provider.